In the event of an emergency evacuation, staff at Overlake Medical Center know communication can be the difference between life or death. A $30,000 grant recently provided by Puget Sound Energy will enable the medical center to purchase two-way radio systems for back-up communication in the event of a crisis.

Even if the phone system remains active, having the mobile radios for ongoing contact between staff helps ensure patient safety and information sharing — especially if cell networks crash.

“As fellow first responders, we know that being able to communicate is key to managing an emergency situation,” Marla Mellies, vice president of the Puget Sound Energy Foundation and senior vice president and chief administrative officer at Puget Sound Energy, said in a press release. “We share Overlake’s commitment to the health and safety of our region and we’re honored to be part of their efforts to ensure they have the best tools to facilitate patient treatment in a disaster.”

The partnership between the medical center and PSE has resulted in $200,000 in contributions over more than 35 years, said Molly Stearns, chief development officer of the Overlake Foundation and Auxiliaries, in a press release.

As a nonprofit organization that does not receive public tax support, Overlake depends on grants like the one from PSE to help support its programs.