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October 2017

24 Hours: Bob Wallace

If you’ve been in the throes of the real estate brokerage and development business, you know exactly what Wallace Properties CEO Bob Wallace means when he says it’s an industry…

Watch Me Now

It’s always a good time to update your watch. Luckily for you, we’ve simplified your search and found some of the finest products on the market. With key features, including…

Venture Capital Veteran

Greg Gottesman

Mercer Island resident Greg Gottesman has successfully invested in startups for 20 years.

Rising Startups

“Startup” is such a simple word, but one inculcated with euphemisms and double meanings — both good and bad.

The House That Hawks Built

There’s one Eastside office that’s sacked all the rest when it comes to team paraphernalia: the Renton-based office of the Seahawks organization itself.

The Business of Crossroads

Crossroads Bellevue

The luxury retail model is alive and well in downtown Bellevue, where newly constructed high-rise offices, hotels, and apartments dot an ever-changing skyline.

ASK: Nature Meets Nurture with Tracy Strandness

Tracy Strandness - 425 Business

The outdoors holds special meaning for Barefoot Eco Outfitters owner Tracy Strandness Tracy Strandness’ love for the outdoors has a long history. As a child, she enjoyed road trips to…

Ask Arden: Work Life Balance

Not sure how to ask your boss for a raise or quiet your chatty coworker? Etiquette expert Arden Clise is here to answer your awkward workplace questions. 

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