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August 2017

Working From Home

Sometimes the best office space can be found — or created — in your own home

Hot Brews

Beer lovers in our area just can’t seem to get enough of the craft drafts. The more microbrews produced, the more microbrews consumed. As supply increases, consumers remain thirsty for…

Classroom Tech

Bellevue School District weighs in on its 1:1 initiatives, its status as a Microsoft Showcase School, and the future of technology in its next-generation school. Children in schools today face…

All Fun and Games

Xbox co-creator Ed Fries’ imagination was captured by video games when he was a teenager. Forty years later, that fascination persists.

Ask: BizX’s Bob Bagga

BizX CEO Bob Bagga had just graduated from the University of Toronto in 1991 and was poised to enter law school at York University when he decided to open a…

The Business of Newcastle

Coal mining once turned the area known today as Newcastle into a boomtown. More than 150 years later, it’s all about the golf course. In 1853, locals noticed a black,…

Office Envy: Baylis Architects

For more than four decades, Bellevue-based Baylis Architects has worked to design mixed-use multi-family buildings, commercial buildings, and high-end custom residential work.

Bellevue’s GIX Factor

The Spring District will bring more residents, workers, and shoppers to the Eastside. The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) will add students to the neighborhood mix.

A Moral Compass For Business

business ethics expert Jerry Goodstein

As important as a person’s own ethics are to his character, business ethics are equally important to help companies and organizations define their core values

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