An easy run to the store quickly can turn bad when traversing up and down isles looking for one item means turning a 15-minute trip into a 20-minute trip. Bellevue-based Point Inside set out to solve this problem in 2011. This week, the company announced a new simplified product to help retailers figure out where you are inside the store.

Photo by Rachel Coward

Point Inside CEO Josh Marti demos StoreMode on an iPad. Photo by Rachel Coward

Point Inside uses beacons placed inside stores to help help a customer’s phone orient itself within the space. If the position is located, users are able to search for a product and navigate directly to it on the shelf, imitating an online-shopping experience. But the complicated monitoring systems and misplaced beacons have been a hindrance to providing up-to-date information for customers and system managers.

The new solution, called StoreLocation, is comprised of two parts, the Beacon Planner and Beacon Activator. The planner enables retailers to plan beacon placement using digital maps to ensure sufficient coverage and simplify beacon execution by store employees. The activator is the management tool that allows retailers to activate, place, and move beacons from a mobile device. 

This new solution will simplify deployment of the beacons, and allow Point Inside to move closer to one of its core values.

“One of our core missions has always been to unlock the potential of indoor location technologies to benefit our retail partners and their shoppers,” said Josh Marti, Point Inside CEO and co-founder. “Beacons are powerful tools that retailers can utilize to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and personalize each interaction with a shopper.”

Being able to connect with shoppers while they are inside the store is a new frontier for box stores. Through the use of beacons and in-store location services, retailers will be able to connect digitally to their customers with personalized coupons and advertisements.

“As shoppers increasingly demand online-like experiences in stores, beacons present a huge opportunity for retailers to bring the benefits of digital to brick-and-mortar,” said Aaron Dane, retail experience and innovation manager at Point Inside. “By making it easy to manage and deploy beacons, StoreLocation helps retailers digitally connect with shoppers in-store through relevant and contextual messages.”