The new tool lets retailers provide personalized, in-store deals and offers for customers while they shop

Point Inside, a Bellevue-based provider of in-store mapping solutions for retailers, today announced its new Deals Personalization tool, a digital solution designed to help retailers provide relevant, personalized deal recommendations for shoppers through the retailer’s own mobile app.

Deals Personalization tool

On the shopper’s way to the toy department, she walks through cosmetics and receives a personalized deal recommendation. This notification was triggered based on shopper and product location signals and her profile. Image courtesy Point Inside.

The Deals Personalization tool works with Point Inside’s StoreMode platform, which provides retailers with a digital map of their stores, including current product locations, departments, and services. By pairing the digital map with enterprise data and mobile shopper usage, retailers get a comprehensive snapshot of what’s happening in their stores. This allows retailers to make data-driven choices that provide shoppers with everything from indoor mapping and product location, to a store-specific search that can be accessed through the retailer’s mobile app.

“More and more shoppers are using their smartphones to assist with purchasing decisions while in-store,” Point Inside CEO and co-founder Josh Marti said in a press release. “This presents a huge opportunity for retailers to engage shoppers via mobile and present deals in real-time that are relevant to their shopping trip and personal preferences. With the launch of Deals Personalization, we’re empowering retailers to provide shoppers with recommendations and deals that are more tailored than ever before.”

Retailers interested in providing shoppers with a more personalized shopping experience can use Deals Personalization to provide shoppers with deals tailored specifically to their interests based on search history, shopping list items, and physical location in the store. A grocery retailer, for example, could use Deals Personalization to provide shoppers with deals on brands they’ve purchased before, or provide location-based recommendations based on a shopper’s proximity to a certain product.

Point Inside's new Deals Personlization tool.

Through Point Inside’s Store Location Analytics, retailers now have the ability to extrapolate data over various time frames, as well as a heatmap view that offers a visualization of shoppers’ total impressions, dwell times, searches, product views, and recommendation views. Image courtesy Point Inside.

“Mobile deal recommendations are becoming a focus for big-box retailers as they look to enhance the in-store shopping experience,” Patrick Giusti, chief revenue officer at Point Inside, said in a press release. “The majority of millennial shoppers have shown interest in digital coupons and deals, and since this demographic grew up with personalized online experiences, it’s a natural progression to offer these consumers the same type of deals when they shop in brick and mortar stores.”

Point Inside will demo the Deals Personalization tool tomorrow during the shopping and ecommerce event, Shoptalk 2017. For more information, visit Point Inside’s website.