Make a Statement

Make a Statement

Use a scarf or statement necklace (or both!) to effortlessly add color and detail.

Be Bold

Be Bold

Adding in a patterned button down with a simple dark jean or slack is an easy way to make your wardrobe stand out.


Bring in Favorite Accessories

Infuse your work attire with jewelry or accent pieces that make a complementary and memorable addition.

Pops of Color

Pops of Color

Summer is all about bright colors. Simple accent pieces like a fun orange belt or bright shirt can help bring personality to your business attire.

Dressing for Summer Weather

When we get our three-month respite from the rain and chill of typical Pacific Northwest weather, we can’t help but want to break out our favorite shorts, sandals, strappy shoes, and breezy tops as we squint at that weird bright orb in the sky. Does anyone remember what that thing is called, again? Here are some of our recommendations for dressing weather-appropriately at the office during this strange, yet wonderful, time of year.

Light Layers
Though warm during the day, mornings can still be a bit chilly. We advise wearing plenty of light, breathable layers. This is where a cotton blazer or a cardigan would come in quite nicely.

Everything in moderation
Yes, this is the time of year to break out all our fun, summery outfits, but just remember not to show too much skin at the office. Super-short shorts and skirts, or flip flops, still don’t really have their place at the office. Save those outfits and accessories for off-the-clock time.

Not just for the beach
The Pacific Northwest has a big problem with skin cancer. We see the sun so infrequently that we forget how important sun-blocking products can be. We recommend finding a foundation with SPF for the ladies and a light moisturizer with the same for the guys.

Walk softly; carry a small umbrella
We recommend keeping a small, compact umbrella in your purse or briefcase for unexpected downpours.

Hosiery heave-ho
Our traditional moms would never agree with this, but kick the pantyhose to the curb when the weather heats up, because, gross.  If you’re self-conscious about your legs, consider a leg cover-up like Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen.

Suits only
No matter what the thermometer says, don’t wear a short-sleeved dress shirt, guys; they’re just not flattering. And certainly never pair one with a tie. Instead, consider a seersucker sport jacket paired with khaki slacks and no tie. 


Jennifer JeddaJennifer M. Jedda travels the globe to curate handmade artisan women’s jewelry and accessories that are unique and tell a story, and showcases them in her online shop, JJ Caprices. Taylor Robinson is a senior at University of Washington majoring in communications with a goal of pursuing a career in fashion marketing. She is currently interning with JJ Caprices as a social media marketer.
Credits: Women’s apparel and handbag from Divalani Style in Bellevue, and women’s jewelry and scarf from Men’s apparel from local design house Buki, and men’s jeans from Divalani Style.