Computer coding might just be a series of 0s and 1s, but Paul Midgen approaches it with a creative and impassioned eye. He likens the process to cooking — executing a recipe until it’s perfect and then repeating it. Currently, as the chief technology officer of Bittrex, a Bellevue-based cryptocurrency trading platform, Midgen has more than 20 years of experience working in technology, which has taken him all over the country and world. He describes Bittrex as a cutting edge cryptocurrency platform that allows blockchain enthusiasts to trade a variety of coins and tokens. The company keeps track of the trading on blockchain, a financial ledger of sorts, and then people can cash in their investments with Bittrex, which will exchange them for traditional money. He recently showed us around his office, dotted with personal and professional emblems.

Trexie the T-Rex

Trexie is Bittrex’s company mascot, and he makes appearances on all company SWAG — hoodies, socks, T-shirts, and even a huggable stuffed animal. 

A Piece of Precious History

When Midgen and his family lived in Amsterdam, they frequented the Rijksmuseum, where he picked up this wooden robot. It’s made of the crate material used to ship Vincent Van Gogh paintings.

Problem-Solving Partner

Engineers have a saying called “rubber ducking” — talking through a mind-tangling problem with an inanimate object, like a rubber duck. Midgen said after years of working remotely, his rubber duck reminds him to tap the brains of his team members.

‘I Belieb in You’ 

In March, Bittrex launched a significant virtual renovation of its platform — refining code and rebuilding its internal systems. This presented a challenge, as the team had to deploy the changes without disturbing the company’s clients or the market. On the day of the launch, Midgen’s wife, Kirsten, sent him this life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber with the note “I Belieb in you” attached.