Overlake Medical Center will participate in its first ‘reverse pitch’ event Aug. 25. The reverse pitch is a health technology project that will be held at coworking space, Cambia Grove, a hub dedicated to healthcare innovation – connecting startups with real problems faced by doctors and patients.

The term reverse pitch refers to healthcare professionals presenting their challenges to startups and seeking solutions, rather than the startups independently presenting their ideas to the healthcare companies.

Scenarios are shared with the startups and then the most innovative solutions get the opportunity to land a paid pilot project to solve the challenge.

At the event, Overlake leaders Dr. Dennis Rochier, CEO of Overlake Medical Clinics, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Knoepfler, will present real-life challenges faced by Overlake doctors to dozens of global healthcare startups.

“This is a very unique opportunity,” a spokesperson said. “Overlake is excited to share real-life challenges facing health care systems everywhere and to solicit innovative solutions from members of the Seattle startup community. They are really looking forward to seeing what kind of possible innovations might arise for making health care more accessible.”

Overlake will be presenting the following real-life challenges:

  • What tools can help Overlake improve patient access to care, providing patients with real-time insight into availability across the organization including primary care, urgent care, the emergency room and more?
  • What solutions can help patients navigate the economic, logistical and cultural complexities (that come along with a diverse patient population) of the Overlake system?

Additionally, Tom DeBord, Overlake’s chief operations officer, will participate in a panel discussion focusing on the intersection of hospitals, startups and venture capitalists in healthcare.

The event – which will be webcast here – is one of a series of reverse pitch events hosted by Cambia Grove. The events aim to bring together enterprise decision-makers in healthcare with the startup and entrepreneur community. The goal is to share ideas and work toward innovative technological solutions to improve the healthcare system.

Overlake Medical Center is a nonprofit regional hospital with a network of medical clinics throughout the Eastside. Its range of services includes cardiac care, neuroscience, cancer care, general and specialty surgery, women’s programs, senior care, and psychiatric services. For more information visit