It’s fun to recap the year as it draws to a close, and checking out the most-read articles is no exception. We published plenty of great stories this year, from diversity in tech and exploring video game addiction to taking a look at work-home balance. Plus, we added new online-only articles, such as Weekly Reads and Funding Around the Eastside. Here’s to more read-worthy stories in 2016!

In the meantime, here are our most-read stories of 2015.

30UnderFeatured30 Under 30: This feature by far surpasses all other stories. We were excited to bring you the top business folks under the age of 30, and you responded in kind. Included in the feature are CEO, executive directors, coders, aestheticians, and brokers. If you missed it the first time around, be sure to check it out. You’ll want to keep an eye on these young whippersnappers.

How to React When the Bear’s Hibernation Ends: Nope, this story is not about when the bears come out of the woods to rummage through your garbage and eat skunk cabbage. The Coffeehouse Investor is the author of two of our popular stories, which tells us it’s pretty nerve-wracking when the stock market does its little, or bi, up-and-down dance. Stay tuned for more useful and actionable information from TCI in 2016.

4 Steps to Financial Security: If you’re anything like us, and we think that you are, financial freedom is one of the New Years’ Resolutions that never seems to leave the list. It’s important to not feel strangled by your bank account and saving for retirement, and this piece from The Coffeehouse Investor put us, and you, on the right track.

The author, who moved from India in 2013. Photos by Rachel Coward.

The author, who moved from India in 2013. Photos by Rachel Coward.

Adjusting to Corporate America: This article, written by Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh, was part of our package about the influence of immigrants from the Far East to the Eastside. As the economy continues to grow and people continue to move to the Eastside, it’s important that corporations reach out specifically to those experiencing a bit of culture shock.

Molly Moon’s Partners with Homegrown and Branches to Redmond: I mean, it’s ice cream. Need we say more? You obviously love a sandwich and ice cream as much as we do. Keep your eyes open for Molly Moons in Redmond, opening spring 2016.

Sandeep Nain Gave up Engineering to Follow His Passion: Sandeep Nain used to be a computer engineer, but he left the tech world to guide alpine adventures. Everyone loves a good “follow your passion” story, and Nain’s was no different. Besides, who doesn’t love photos of mountains?


Refract Studios cofounders Kyle Holdwick and Jordan Hemenway (from left) graduated from the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond.

Refract Studios cofounders Kyle Holdwick and Jordan Hemenway (from left) graduated from the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond.

The Business of Redmond: This article is part of our “Business of” series we tackled in 2015. We took a virtual road trip to all the Eastside cities, explored their economics, and highlighted what makes these cities a great place to live and work. Redmond struck a cord with readers, probably because the city is more than its Microsoft roots.

Chef John Howie Opens Beardslee Public House: The excitement about Beardslee Public House was palpable. This new gathering place is a nice addition to Bothell, and that it’s run by Chef John Howie, well, that’s the really exciting part.

20150721_WizardsoftheCoast_039Office Envy: Wizards of the Coast: Office Envy is one of our readers’ favorite sections of the magazine, and Wizards of the Coast does not disappoint. Some offices have unlimited snacks, an in-house masseuse, and waterfront views, but how many have a dragon and unlimited about of games to play while one the clock? Just this one.

Sammamish Teen Already a Business Veteran with Midzy: The world is full of CEOs and tech startups, but not many of those business leaders started their company at 13 years old and haven’t graduated high school yet. Anthony Humay is such a person. He launched Midzy when he was just 13, and will graduate from Eastlake High School this spring. Look out Silicon Valley, Humay’s coming for you.