The economic and community development organization already has raised half of its goal

Business leaders, government officials, and community members from Redmond gathered Wednesday evening at VALA Arts Center for OneRedmond’s “2.0 Invest. Inspire. Ignite” event and the official launch of OneRedmond’s $4.5 million capital campaign.

The evening started with light refreshments and the opportunity for attendees to network with one another before Jim Stanton, senior community affairs manager at Microsoft and OneRedmond campaign co-chair, took the floor to talk about OneRedmond’s first five years and its seemingly bright future.


Redmond business leaders, city officials, and community members gathered at VALA Arts Center for the OneRedmond “2.0 Invest. Inspire. Ignite” event on Wednesday. Photo courtesy OneRedmond.

Since its inception in 2012, OneRedmond has met with more than 300 companies in Redmond to help recruit talent, expand jobs, and create a vibrant community. As the organization looks ahead to the next five years, its goals have come into focus.

“We can all get behind an effort that really supports a community as a whole,” Stanton said, referring to OneRedmond’s three-pronged initiative to fuel economic growth, attract and retain top talent, and bolster the community. “So, I’m really encouraged that you’re all here.”

Stanton was followed by OneRedmond CEO Bart Phillips who, after sharing more information about OneRedmond’s initiatives, announced the organization’s current campaign investors before revealing the campaign’s funds raised to date.

“We’re trying essentially to raise $4.5 million to fund this program,” Phillips said. “The commitments we have today are $2,868,750.”

OneRedmond will continue raising funds for its 2017-2021 capital campaign through the end of June, an investment Phillips said will not only benefit Redmond, but the surrounding region, as well.

“We do know if we’re successful that we will create over 2,500 new jobs in four targeted categories, and we will create over $555 million in new wages in Redmond alone,” Phillips said. “Overall, throughout Redmond and the region, (we will create) over $1.1 billion in new wages and over 10,000 jobs.”


OneRedmond CEO Bart Phillips. Photo courtesy OneRedmond.

Seeking private sector investments and public sector support, OneRedmond hopes to achieve its fundraising goal to fund activities through 2021.

“This is not an insignificant piece of work that we’re doing,” Phillips said. “Not only will we have that economic impact, but we also will help diversify and activate this community, and hopefully create something that we’ll be able to enjoy moving forward.”