#FillYourTank: 100 Daily Affirmations of Inspiration and Reflection

By LaEisha Howard | 1214 Inc. | $21

The #FillYourTank brand was born as motivational workshops aimed to inspire individuals in the business world and beyond to stay focused on self-care, accountability, and balance. 

Since then, corporate human relations powerhouse LaEisha Howard has manifested her movement into a collection of motivational sentiments titled #FillYourTank: 100 Daily Affirmations of Inspiration and Reflection. 

These mantras range from self-improvement instructions on how to “Turn obstacles into opportunities,” to philosophical insights like, “Do not indulge your ego at the expense of your soul,” to little reminders that, “Being mean is not sexy.” 

Anyone who picks up a copy of #FillYourTank is sure to find a ponder-worthy perspective that is liable to turn her day around. 

“I hope people learn and gain encouragement to dig deep into their soul, stand in their truth, show up for their self, and live the life they want to,” the author said. “My wish is that my writing reaches those who need it most and gives them the strength to do the hard things. I believe in those hard things, greatness can happen.”