Kate Stephens

College, Quicker: 24 Practical Ways to Save Money and Get Your Degree Faster
Kate Stephens | $14.99
One way for millennials to bond is to commiserate about student loan debt. It’s the high cost of education that’s on everyone’s mind right now.
Redmond-based author Kate Stephens wants to help decrease the debt for incoming students with her book, College, Quicker: 24 Practical Ways to Save Money and Get Your Degree Faster. A graduate of Kirkland’s Northwest University, Stephens practiced what she now preaches. She earned a four-year degree in just two years on campus by working the system for advanced college credits and other certifications. Her book will help show you how to do the same.

freelancersguidebookThe Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook
Yuwanda Black | $16.99
It seems like it’s becoming a side-hustle world these days. Freelancing has taken off as an industry, and yet it’s still one that takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to break into. Toss out those ideas of working in your jammies, and get ready to hunker down and brand-build. Yuwanda Black’s The Ultimate FreeLancer’s Guidebook is chock-full of helpful tips for building a brand, finding well-paying jobs, and creating a strong online presence and portfolio to help you overcome some of the hurdles necessary to break out on your own.

This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of “425 Business.”