This month’s business reads do it all, from inspire to advise. Pick up advice on succession planning, map out your startup plan, and dig into a story of overcoming adversity.

Succession Planning That Works
Michael Timms | FriesenPress | $22 hardcover | $10 e-book
Recruiting isn’t always the answer; it’s wise to have a succession plan in place. In his new book, Timms makes the argument that succession planning, rather than recruiting, is the trend. Timms, a management consultant, wrote a step-by-step book to ensure that your business is taken care of in the future through effective planning.

The Purpose is Profit: The Truth About Starting and Building Your Own Business
Ed “Skip” McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker | Greenleaf Book Group Press | $25.95
Business veterans and friends McLaughlin and Lydecker, Connecticut-based entrepreneurs, set out to write the book on founding a business — everything from team-building and creating value to getting products ready for sale. The book has two manuals in it: a startup roadmap and a funding guide. If you’re even considering starting a business, this book is a great addition to your library.

Moppin’ Floors to CEO
Dennis C. Miller | AuthorHouse | $34.99 hardcover
Everybody starts somewhere, and Miller started by mopping floors at a Ramada Inn before moving up to the C suite and beyond. Miller’s story is all about overcoming adversity such as abuse, mental illness, and trouble in school. His autobiography is a crash course in beating the odds. Throughout, Miller offers advice based on his lived experience. It’s as inspiring as it is fascinating.