As you drive around the Eastside, know that Xevo is making commutes around the world more enjoyable. A leader in software, cloud, and data-driven user experiences for the automotive industry, Xevo is continually changing the way we drive by improving how we interface with our vehicles and the way our vehicles interface with the world around us. Xevo worked with JLL, a real estate advisory firm, to relocate from Kirkland and secure its new 44,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Bellevue. When not working on cutting-edge AI, you can find employees at The Journey Lounge looking for the beef jerky, playing a competitive series of shuffleboard, or gaming on the big screen. The airy space — filled with natural light  was designed by SkB Architects, and the buildout was completed by GLY Construction in June 2017.  The company, founded in 2000, has about 300 employees with offices in Tokyo; Los Angeles; Detroit; Plano, Texas; and Miami.  Next time you get in your car for the rush-hour drive home, thank Xevo for making your user experience a little more pleasant.



Leading Lobby

The Xevo lobby’s obscure wall allows lots of natural light and boasts bold ceiling panel designs.


Work Commute

An engineer tests out some Xevo equipment in the 3D car simulator.

Journey lunchroom

Lunch is a Journey

The Journey Lounge holds every snack you could ever want.

All I Do is Win

Competing for first place is always on the mind of these Xevo staff members playing shuffleboard.



Ultimate Notepad

Big ideas can’t be confined to tiny Post-It notes, so huge white-boards are everywhere for the next big breakthrough. 

Meeting Room

(Meeting) Room with a View

Employees ditch the desk and choose to have a meeting overlooking downtown Bellevue.