Unlike many companies that encourage relaxation off the clock, TimeXtender incorporates mindfulness into the workday with group meditation sessions, and starting meetings with a minute of silence. The founders and employees alike can see the difference — improved concentration, creativity, and a renewed focus and awareness on the present moment and tasks at hand.

With headquarters in both Bellevue and Aarhus, Denmark, TimeXtender is a growing software company that helps its customers automate redundant tasks. The founders believe that time is money, and with the launch of its “Discovery Hub” software platform, TimeXtender is helping companies save time and money with an innovative approach to data discovery. The success has caught on, with more than 2,600 customers in 60 countries.

The global team stays busy around the clock, so the mindfulness breaks are appreciated. The result is a shared language and culture between both Bellevue and Aarhus that takes full advantage of the nine-hour time difference, getting twice as much out of the workday as teams hand off projects to their global counterparts.



Photos by Rachel Coward

A Quiet Time — TimeXtender’s “recharge room” is a calm mediation room in the office for employees to use.



Outside In — TimeXtender brings Pacific Northwest nature vibes into the office with a life-size photo wall.



Open Seating — Employees from the TimeXtender commercial team travel often, but make time to collaborate with their colleagues when they’re back at the Bellevue headquarters.



Calm and Collected — Mindfulness is at the center of TimeXtender’s meetings, with suggested guidelines, the law of karma, and minute hourglasses that help to relax and recharge employees before meetings.



Gathering Place — Employees gather in the Karma Café for meals and occasional catered lunches.



Recruit, Activate, Grow — Messages of motivation and inspiration are sprinkled throughout the office.



Catch Up — Employees chat in informal meeting spaces around the office.



Recharge — Employees take part in group meditation sessions on Mondays at the office.



Room with a View — The office is centrally located in downtown Bellevue with views of Bellevue and the Seattle skyline.


Fun Facts

  • Every Friday morning, the team enjoys “Friday Breakfast in the Karma Café” with bagels and doughnuts.
  • The company regularly practices the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “12 Laws of Karma,” which are posted throughout the office as a constant reminder that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you.
  • A recharge room is available to employees who want to relax or meditate.

Bellevue Office

Ann Derr, JPC Architects

Anne Krog Iversen

Square Footage

Number of employees
25 in Bellevue, 83 worldwide

When the office was created
March 2016