Nearly 10 years ago, Odin Brewing Company set out to create a lineup of food-friendly beer with unique ingredients to “widen the palate of our beers above and beyond their original styles.”

Owner Dan Lee moved Odin Brewing from Seattle’s South Park neighborhood to Tukwila in 2014 and brought the rest of the production operations over in 2016.

Several Norse elements have been folded into the theme of the brewery. You’ll certainly find signs of it on the menu, like Thor’s Brisket Sandwich or a nod to Valkyrie — a spirit who chooses who dies in battle.


Fun Facts

  • Odin Brewing makes an average of 3,000 gallons of beer a week.
  • Bacon beer is hands-down the most unique flavor created at Odin in its early days. It’s also one that didn’t make the final cut.
  • King County named Odin Brewing the 2017 Small Business of the Year.


Odin Brewing indoor patio space

Room with a View

The indoor patio space and party room offer a direct line of sight into the production facility.


Odin Brewing fermentation tanks

Where the Magic Happens

The fermentation tanks. From milling the grain into mash to filling the can, the whole beer-making process can take two to four weeks, depending on the style of beer.


Odin Brewing bottling machine

Fill ’er Up

Odin Brewing’s small bottling machine can fill about 11/2 cases of beer per minute.


Odin Brewing beer cans

Mountains of Beer

Typically, there’s three to four weeks of key products on hand in the stock room, but that fluctuates with the season.