Nearly 40 years after being founded by Margaret Dunlap, Redmond-based Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center continues to help children, adults, and families living with disabilities. Each week, over 230 patients use adaptive riding and hippotherapy at Little Bit to increase physical strength, coordination, overall health, and improve their confidence. To continue the mission of its founder, dedicated staff, donors, and over 300 volunteers carefully tend to the needs of 22 horses at Little Bit’s 14-acre site each day. Its unique mission certainly makes the office full of purpose. Learn more about this organization by visiting 


Staff and Volunteers

Staff and volunteers

A love of animals and people is constant.


Organized Gear


Perfectly placed gear helps volunteers care for the horses.


Ball Pit

The ball pit

A patient visits a therapy room with staff.




Volunteers work together with trained therapists to support a patient undergoing therapy.


Office Lobby


Patients are welcomed in Little Bit’s lobby.




Natural light, renovated space, and plenty of space for the horses to bed down for the night.