At the heart of the Bellevue business district, Industrious’ coworking space offers a breathtaking work environment to help its tenants to be their most productive selves. With more than 90 locations across 45 cities, Industrious is one of the largest premium coworking office space providers in the country. It offers a mix of workspaces to suit every kind of work style, and memberships are all-inclusive, meaning tenants don’t just get a great workspace, but also high-speed Wi-Fi, unlimited color printing, and (most importantly?) a fully stocked café. Each Industrious location is equipped with a wellness room for medical needs. Take a look, and see for yourself just how inspiring a workplace can be.

Bright and early

Can’t function without that morning espresso? Don’t bother going to Starbucks. Industrious has it covered with a full-service café. The wide-open concept design and floor-to-ceiling windows also keep away any feelings of cabin fever.

Breathing room

Industrious’ offices offer a variety of spaces for all kinds of workplace needs, from spacious conference rooms to huddle rooms for smaller breakout sessions.

Soup, soup, and more soup

Need a hot lunch for a cold, rainy day? Industrious is fully stocked with more options than one could ever think to ask for, even gluten-free options.

Phone booths aren’t dead

If you have an important phone call or just need some alone time, step into a phone booth for some privacy.

Plants for productivity

Common areas are equipped with plush, comfortable couches for relaxed collaboration. And did you know that having lots of plants around helps combat seasonal affective disorder? Well, Industrious sure does, and that’s why you’ll find plenty of greenery throughout the space.