When Geeman Yip founded BitTitan in 2007, he said he did so selfishly. Hired by Microsoft straight out of college, Yip worked for the Redmond-based tech giant for eight years before deciding to take control of his career and make a change. “I started (BitTitan) because I was just tired of the corporate environment, and I wanted to just create an amazing place for myself to work at,” he said. Yip founded BitTitan, a provider of automated IT services solutions, in his basement. Since its humble beginnings, the company has occupied two offices at Redmond Town Center, two in Kirkland, and most recently has established a presence at One Twelfth @ Twelfth in Bellevue. For Yip, moving BitTitan’s headquarters to Bellevue stemmed out of the necessity for more space, as well as a desire to make the company’s office not only bigger, but better. “I want a person coming off the elevator, an employee coming off the elevator, saying, ‘I love working here.’ And when you leave at the end of the day, how do I instill this feeling where it says, ‘You know what, I’ve got to go home right now. But I’m excited to come back tomorrow.’ That is the ultimate feeling. That to me is success, when I think about building an office and what emotional feelings I want to bring out of people.” From spacious conference rooms full of natural light, to office perks like an on-site chiropractor and a fully stocked convenience store, BitTitan’s new office seemingly has it all. Flip through the following pages, and take a look for yourself.


Mixed-use Pods

One-on-one collaboration is a breeze with these cozy pods. They’re also a great spot to have lunch and chat with a coworker.


BitTitan office conference room

Conference Rooms

Employees can reserve different rooms based on their needs (some rooms feature couches, while others offer standing-room only). Thanks to the electronic schedulers found outside each room, reserving is easy. In addition to these conference rooms, there also is a quiet room where staff can escape for a moment of silence, to pray, or even have a back adjustment by BitTitan’s on-site chiropractor.


BitTitan office pool table

Fun and Games

BitTitan’s billiards table is a relaxing and fun way for employees to take a load off.


BitTitan office gym


Employees looking to get their heart rates up can do so in BitTitan’s gym. The gym features a variety of workout machines, as well as lockers and on-site showers.


BitTitan office beverage cooler


Employees can quench their thirst with a variety of beverages — like iced tea, soda, energy drinks, and more, there’s something for everyone. One cooler even features a selection of beer. 


BitTitan office green wall

Green Wall  

The green wall at BitTitan was inspired by a living wall Yip encountered while visiting Garena’s headquarters in Singapore. The wall spans two floors, and a tiny frog and lizard inhabit this green space.


BitTitan office lounge

Lounge Area

This bright, open space is flanked by the green wall and expansive windows, making it the perfect respite during breaks. Oh, and there’s a TV, too — perfect for entertaining guests or watching presentations.


BitTitan office Bit Stop convenience store

The Bit Stop

Stock up on everything from office supplies and personal care items, to snacks galore at The Bit Stop, BitTitan’s take on a 7-Eleven-style convenience store. However, unlike most convenience stores, everything is free for the taking at The Bit Stop.


BitTitan office media room

Media Room

With workers all over the globe, staying connected is important. To easily share information like vlogs, training videos, marketing materials, and more across BitTitan’s global workforce, the company utilizes a green screen and high-tech AV equipment to create engaging, high-quality video content.