Washington State University of North Puget Sound at Everett is expanding its footprint by adding a new state of the art building at 915 North Broadway in Everett, which the university plans to unveil Aug. 15 during a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house.

“This building represents decades of work by this community to create local access to four-year degree programs,” Everett campus chancellor Paul Pitre said in a statement. “WSU is incredibly proud to be an important part of that and to continue our growth into the future.”

The four-story, 95,000-square foot building will be able to accommodate between 1,000 to 1,100 students and will include facilities like power and computer laboratories, a tiered lecture hall, a math and writing tutoring center, a café, and various collaborative work spaces.

The building’s crown jewel, however, is its 900-square foot state of the art Boeing Innovation Studio. Made possible by a $250,000 gift from Boeing, the first floor work space is filled with the 3D printers and scanners, concept CNC mills, and laser cutters that students will use when they enter the workforce.

“The programs offered in this building will help address some of our region’s most pressing economic challenges,” City of Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson said in a statement. “We are competitors in the worldwide marketplace and our businesses need a talented, well-trained workforce in order to thrive and expand. This is where that workforce will come from.”

Classes for the fall semester are slated to begin Aug. 21, just a few days after the ribbon cutting. For more information about the Aug. 15 unveiling, visit WSU North Puget Sound at Everett on Facebook.