For Eastside workers who rely on shuttles, buses, and bicycles as their main mode of transportation, getting around during the middle of the day to run errands or attend meetings can be challenging. A new survey launched this month by the Innovation Triangle — a partnership between Bellevue, Kirkland, and OneRedmond —  aims to determine if carsharing services, which allow commuters to rent cars at hourly and daily rates, can help.

Through the survey, commuters provide details regarding their travel patterns and most-frequently visited neighborhoods. Once the survey concludes, the Innovation Triangle will review commuter feedback to determine whether additional carsharing services should be integrated as part of the organization’s transportation infrastructure.

“This survey is really focused on the mobility needs of employees in our three communities,” said Augusta DeVries, transportation program director at TransManage, a service of the Bellevue Downtown Association. “We have high rates of public transit usage in places like downtown Bellevue, but sometimes those transit commuters need a car in the middle of the day to run errands or join a meeting in another neighborhood.”

One carsharing service, Zipcar, already operates in Bellevue, but others have yet to expand to the Eastside. Following the survey, the Innovation Triangle will determine whether it’s viable to bring pilot programs with other carsharing services like ReachNow and car2go to the area.

“Getting around without having your car at work is all about having the right option easily available for the type of trip you want to take,” said Joel Pfundt, transportation manager for the City of Kirkland. “Carsharing can be one of those options.”

As more workers move to the Eastside, the Innovation Triangle sees carsharing as a possible way to help support that growth.

“Our neighborhoods are really evolving fast. As areas like downtown Bellevue, Overlake, and downtown Kirkland develop into more urban places, services like ReachNow and others start to make more sense,” said Bart Phillips, CEO of OneRedmond. “We want to be sure workers, residents, and visitors have access to the transportation resources they’re looking for.”

Commuters interested in taking the survey may access it online now through August 1.