The Bellevue Chamber Foundation recently announced a new annual scholarship opportunity for local high school seniors who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship. The M. Gail Ryder Scholarship, sponsored by Bellevue law firm Insee Best, will award $2,000 annually to a high school student interested in furthering his or her education in the field of business.

The scholarship helps support aspiring entrepreneurs and doubles as a legacy gift to honor the decades of service Gail Ryder provided to the business community.

“Inslee Best has been in existence for 47 years, and Gail with 44 years of service is our longest tenured attorney,” David Lawyer, Bellevue Chamber legal counsel and Inslee Best president, said in a statement. “Because Gail is no ordinary member of Inslee Best, we wanted his send off into retirement to be no ordinary thing. To establish a scholarship in his honor is a fitting tribute given Gail’s many years giving legal advice and guidance to help grow and nurture businesses on to success.”

The Bellevue Chamber Foundation hopes to see the M. Gail Ryder Scholarship support young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses. “Ideally, some day in the future, scholarship recipients will own or manage the kinds of businesses that Gail Ryder counseled and represented during his year of practice of law,” Lawyer said.

Ryder was honored to learn of the legacy gift during his recent retirement party. “This is a tremendous honor which reflects the commitment of Inslee, Best, Doezie, & Ryder and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce to education and business growth in the Bellevue community,” Ryder said.

The Bellevue Chamber said it is both pleased and honored that Inslee Best has established this new scholarship in the name of someone who has had such a profound impact on the local business community. “Through our years of awarding scholarship, we’ve met many Bellevue School District graduates that are off the charts and entrepreneurial by nature,” Betty Nokes Capestany, Bellevue Chamber president and CEO, said. “Gail’s scholarship will be in good hands and the sky is the limit for these students.”