First Choice Health (FCH) and the Eastside Health Network announced in a press release today that they are partnering to provide the Eastside’s self-funded employers “direct access to healthcare providers, offering higher-quality, comprehensive care at a more affordable cost.”

FCH is a northwest healthcare administrator; the network is a clinically integrated web of physicians and providers.

According to the release, the partnership is different from the traditional health insurance model and seeks to offer true integration between payors (the payors being Eastside employers) and healthcare providers.

“Through this model, primary care providers (PCP) work directly with care coordinators and nurse navigators who have access to comprehensive, individualized patient data across systems, practices, and specialties throughout the region,” the release stated. “This arrangement allows them to communicate with patients on an unprecedented level and actively partner with them to navigate the complex landscape of health care — all in coordination with the patient’s PCP.”

Earlier in 2020, FCH started a partnership with Rightway Healthcare, a health and benefit navigation company, to help give FCH members direct access to the company’s technology platform and team of health care navigators, according to the release. The new partnership marks another effort by FCH to expand available resources for its members.

“Improving the quality of care for employees and expanding access to that care, all while keeping costs down, is what First Choice Health is all about,” said First Choice Health CEO and president Jaja Okigwe in the release. “This is the latest in a number of partnerships that we’ve developed with employers to help give them more direct access to their in-network healthcare providers. Eastside Health Network is the leading clinically integrated network in the greater Puget Sound area, and we’re thrilled to be working with such a forward-leaning organization.”