Vice President of Ideaplunk Erin Alder. Photo by Karla DeCamp Photography.

Vice President of Ideaplunk Erin Alder. Photo by Karla DeCamp Photography.

According to Zillow, the average real estate agent should spend close to 60 percent of their time marketing. Vice President of Ideaplunk, Erin Alder, thinks otherwise.

“Agents need to be out in the field meeting people, open house, things like that. The last thing they have time to be doing is sitting in the office trying to figure out how to design a flyer,” she says.

That’s where Ideaplunk comes in. The Bellevue business provides marketing services to real estate agents. It officially launched on Oct. 14 with three employees including Alder. It has been operating under a soft launch since September.

The idea behind Ideaplunk is simple. Real estate agents are most effective when they’re meeting with clients face-to-face. Ideaplunk will do all the marketing for agents so they never have to slow down. They design postcards, brochures, flyers, logos business cards, and listing presentations. They build websites, real estate blogs, and landing pages. And, of course, they market. From social media marketing to advertising plans, Ideaplunk wants to hook buyers and sellers so agents only have to worry about making a sale.

Alder says she’s seen real estate agents fall behind because they put marketing on the backburner when business is good.

“In turn the agent’s business suffered because once listings were sold, once things were gone and they didn’t have any more activity going on, they were left with nothing in the pipeline because they hadn’t been marketing,” Alder says. “That’s something I’ve seen consistently over my 17 years in the real estate industry.”

Ideaplunk is meant to keep business consistent. It’s also meant to represent the agent well. Alder says she wants to hear from her client so they can talk about ideas, challenges, and what makes the most sense for their brand. In fact, that’s where her company name stems from.

“We want the agents to bring their ideas to us, and we came up with the word ‘plunk’ because I seem to use it quite often. [The agents] seem to bring their ideas, they punk them down on us, we stew on them a little bit, and then we bring them to life.”