An amendment to the Washington’s Equal Pay and Opportunities Act banning employers from requesting salary history of job applicants from previous employers went into effect on July 28.

Building on the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act passed in 2018 — a law which prevents gender pay inequality and allows for open wage discussions — the amendment prohibits employers from requiring a job applicant’s salary history to meet certain criteria.

The new law also mandates employers with 15 or more employees to disclose the minimum wage of the position offered when requested by job applicants. A salary range or salary expectation must be disclosed to current employees who are offered a new position within the company when requested.

“Washington is consistently ranked a top state to work and to do business,” Gov. Jay Inslee said. “Our commitment to ensuring prosperity is shared by everyone is key to that success. Yet, for too long, wage disparities have continued between individuals doing equal work. The protections established in this law are the next step toward finally leveling the playing field.”

Washington becomes the latest state to prohibit salary history inquiries after California and Oregon.

For full information about the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act, visit the Department of Labor and Industries’ website here.