Bellevue-based Neposmart has created the new iteration of closed-circuit security video, and it's viewable on every device. Photo courtesy Neposmart via Facebook.

Bellevue-based Neposmart has created the new iteration of closed-circuit security video, and it’s viewable on every device. Photo courtesy Neposmart.

Surveillance systems tend to be expensive, cumbersome, and complex. Bellevue-based Neposmart is working to change all that with an approachable, technologically simple, and secure home video security system.

The company began as a webcam created to spy on the dog while it was home alone. It since has evolved into a security camera that can be accessed from a computer or smartphone and that can open and close the garage door.

Neposmart co-founder and Director of Business Development Richmond Ang said he is most excited about showing people the potential of a connected home.

One of Neposmart’s main features is how it handles users’ camera feeds compared with well-known home security companies. Most filter a homeowner’s video feed through the cloud, creating two lag spots, one in the camera and one in the cloud, as the feed is processed. Sending data through the cloud creates a lag time of about 3 to 4 seconds. Neposmart does not transfer the data to the cloud; instead, it goes directly from the camera to the viewing device.

“This is the information about your home, your privacy, your data, and the things you cherish the most,” Ang said. “Would you want this data being stored somewhere you don’t know? Somewhere you don’t have control of?”

No company is completely secure from a data breach, but if Neposmart’s servers are breached, the customers’ data isn’t stored there.

“We can’t say we’re not hackable, but if we leave that data directly with the customers and we don’t collect it, then at least the customers have that peace of mind that they control their data,” Ang said.

Ang said the company’s priority lies in data security, but it also focuses on creating technology that is approachable for every user regardless of technical skill. In addition to creating a system that is easy to set up and operate, the security feed is available on iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. Ang has a background in accounting and business operations, but he created each of the apps himself, learning each operating-system language along the way. The platform is available on Android Wear and Apple Watch as well.

“I feel like I want to be able to do something that I’ve never done before, and prove that I can do it,” Ang said. “It was literally YouTube videos and building small apps to learn the programs. I started with Android, but we needed to be able to know multiple platforms and (the team) pushed me to learn iOS. I love it.”

Ang joined the Neposmart team full-time this summer after selling the Seattle-based salon he owned.

Richard Ang, Richmond’s father, is the the founder and CEO of Neposmart. Previously, he worked at Microsoft as managing director of worldwide cloud and hosting business.