Before being elected as the first female mayor in the City of Everett’s more than 120-year history, Cassie Franklin helped run the nonprofit Cocoon House. The work centered around helping homeless youth throughout Snohomish County and specialzed in prevention, outreach, and housing. Through the organization, Franklin was invited to join the former mayor’s task force, then known as the Community Streets Initiative. “I enjoyed that work, and I found that I had the ability to bring different perspectives together to work toward a common goal,” Franklin said. She saw some division among business leaders and nonprofits and sought to help provide a solution. “I said, ‘Maybe we find a middle ground that could meet all of our goals for a city and community, and so that is what inspired me to run for council,” she said. Recently, Franklin welcomed us into her top-floor office with its expansive views of her city and its port

Rocks of the World 

Some are from faraway beaches, while others are from Franklin’s own yard. “Anywhere I’ve been in the world, I have a rock from that place,” Franklin said. The collection is so grand, in fact, that she can no longer identify which rock came from which exotic locale.



‘We the People’

In January 2017, Franklin and her campaign manager attended the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and were inundated with the sight of these “We the People” prints by graphic artist and social activist Shepard Fairey. When Franklin won the mayoral seat, she received the prints as a gift from her manager.


Coin Check (It’s a military thing) 

To better understand military operations — such as those that might take place at Naval Station Everett — Franklin took part in a Joint Civilian Orientation Conference, a program that enables business and community leaders to become immersed in military culture. As a result, she earned several military challenge coins. 


A Calming Mechanism 

When Franklin is feeling overwhelmed, she turns to a jar of pinkish-purple slime on her desk, courtesy of her 10-year-old daughter, Pandora. “(She) is a slime connoisseur, and she decided that I have a stressful job … so she made this slime especially for me,” Franklin said.