Aileen Mickey’s office is filled with little pieces of her work and personal life, all which are a testament to her dry, witty personality and passion for her work. Since 2017, Mickey has served as chief medical officer for the EvergreenHealth Medical Group and is — along with her operational dyad — responsible for its network of more than 330 physicians and providers, which involves maintaining excellent patient care and strategic planning. Originally from New Jersey, Mickey spent the majority of her career as a pulmonary doctor and joined EvergreenHealth in 2009. After 21 years working with patients, Mickey decided to step away from actively practicing medicine in August, so she could focus on her current role — a decision that was difficult, but she hopes to continue making an impact.

Photo by Jeff Hobson

Made with Love

Earlier in Mickey’s career, she worked in the intensive care unit at a hospital, where she got to know the nurse manager well. When Mickey announced she was leaving, the team threw her a going-away party, and the nurse manager presented her with this quilt signed by everyone she worked with.


Wonder Wom(e)n

When Mickey first started her current role, Nancy Marshall, the medical director of the hospital group, gave her this vintage Wonder Woman doll as a celebration of female power, because Mickey was the first female physician to become a chief medical officer at EvergreenHealth. The doll had been handed down over the years before arriving in Mickey’s office.


I’m Not Bacon

According to Mickey, bacon is the perfect food, especially drizzled with maple syrup. One morning, she made a snarky comment that she wouldn’t come to any more breakfast meetings unless there was bacon. After that, bacon became a running joke. Some of her co-workers even planned a bacon-themed party for her. But this pillow says it all.


The Evil Queen

The apple never falls far from the tree, and Mickey’s daughter certainly inherited her sense of humor. For Mother’s Day one year, her daughter got her this doll and told her, “This reminds me of you, Mother.”