Dwayne Clark has been in the business of senior living for close to 35 years, ultimately founding Aegis Living, which operates more than two dozen luxury senior-housing communities across the United States. Clark has collected many mementos over the course of his career, but only a chosen few found their way to his office at the company’s Bellevue headquarters.



  1. A Legacy Left Behind
    Clark’s mother, Colleen, was a huge source of inspiration. In fact, his 2012 autobiography is aptly named My Mother, My Son, and signs of her are evident all over the entrepreneur’s office.
  2. A Lofty View
    Just a spin in his chair, and Clark can enjoy the view of Aegis Living’s 196-square-foot treehouse conference room. Clark’s eight grandchildren have been known to visit the treehouse on occasion.
  3. A Souvenir of Doing Good in the World
    Clark’s favorite item? A hand-painted canvas depicting a hot air balloon, which he and his wife received from a 16-year-old girl at an orphanage they supported and furnished near their home in Italy.
  4. Deep (Potato) Roots
    Growing up in an impoverished, single-parent home, Clark recalled a time when his mother, a line cook, had to steal a bucket of potatoes from her employer in order to keep 16-year-old Clark from starving. This prompted Clark to establish the Potato Soup Foundation.
  5. Obama, Oprah, and Macklemore — Oh My!
    Contained within each one of his framed photos is a print of Clark with notable politicians, CEOs, and celebrities. Among his favorites are images of Harry Belafonte, Wayne Dyer, and Macklemore.