Nothing in Ben Zhang’s office is without meaning. The founder and CEO of Greater China, a Bellevue-based company that provides corporate branding material and promotional products made in China for companies in America, has a vast collection of milestone insignia and antique collectibles in his corner office. And everything has a story.


Antique Turtle

This antique turtle has dual symbolism: It has the head of a dragon, which is emblematic of China, and the body of a turtle, which signifies longevity.


Ben Zhang Golf Course Hawaii

Pictured here is Zhang in his younger years (when he said his back swing was much better) at a golf course in Hawaii.


Harvard Ren

In 2008, Zhang created HarvardRen, a wine label that exports Washington wine to China. This 2013 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon made by Leonetti Cellar in Walla Walla Valley retails for hundreds of dollars in China.


Stack of Books

A stack of books is a mainstay on Zhang’s desk: The Christian bible translated in Chinese scripture; the Japanese Onoff golf clubs catalog; and his favorite book, which he reads out loud at company meetings for staff inspiration.


Golf Ball

Zhang is a golf fanatic, and he’s proud to have hit three holes in one. He’s kept each of the golf balls, all of which are inscribed with the date of the hole-in-one and the golf course.