The Muckleshoot Casino is the first casino in the nation to offer streaming wireless virtual reality

In with the slots and tables, you also now can battle zombies or draw in a wild west shootout. Muckleshoot Casino is taking a gamble on virtual reality, and it seems like it’s in to win big.

Muckleshoot Casino

Photo courtesy VRstudios

The casino has partnered with Bellevue-based VRstudios to bring immersive, streaming virtual reality to its casino. It is the first casino in the nation to do so.

The games are already a hit with customers.

“People of all ages are loving this riveting new experience. Some customers are so enthralled they’ve played VRstudios’ games more than 15 times in a single night and then returned the next evening for another round of fun,” said Junior Maldonado, entertainment manager of Muckleshoot Casino.

The system is in the casino’s nightlife area, Club Galaxy. One- and two-player games are available to play.

Muckleshoot is excited about the partnership.

“With VRstudios, Muckleshoot Casino is now home to a new form of entertainment never before offered, not only in the region, but in casino gaming,” said Conrad Granito, general manager of the casino.

Muckleshoot Casino

Photo courtesy VRstudios

VRstudios came out of stealth mode and began shipping its reality system worldwide in February 2016. The company has installed systems with customers and partners in 11 countries, including those in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This is the first casino install.

The entertainment industry is big business for VRstudios. The company is attracting clients such as Universal Studios Orlando, Smartlaunch in Europe, and Meraas’ Hub Zero in Dubai.

“VRstudios’ industry-first approach to VR is attracting U.S. and international theme parks, family entertainment centers, arcades and other entertainment venues,” said Kevin Vitale, president of VRstudios. “Entertainment companies are discovering that our platform and solutions can help evolve and grow their businesses, as well as increase customer loyalty.”