Mox Boarding House gaming event raises money in support of foster youth

Mox Boarding House is more than a gathering place for gamers — it’s a community hub for those who want to help a worthy cause.

For the fourth year in a row, Mox Boarding House in Bellevue hosted its tabletop gaming event The Gauntlet: Infinity to raise funds for charity. This year, the event raised $138,000 for Treehouse, a Seattle-based organization that supports foster youth.

Every year, 20 gaming and community organizations send teams of four people to compete at The Gauntlet. The tournament spans an entire day. This year, the event began at noon and ended 10 p.m., culminating with an awards ceremony. The May 21 event raised more funds than ever before.

With a strong commitment to philanthropy, Mox Boarding House created ENGAGE in June 2013. ENGAGE is comprised of staff members that give their time outside of normal work hours. Leading up to this year’s charity tabletop event, the teams spent six weeks raising funds themselves.

“This year, we had the highest engagement from our teams — not only did they fundraise for six weeks, with tremendous results, but they also donated items to our auction and raffle and rallied their coworkers to participate in company matching,” said Lyla Ross, program manager for ENGAGE. “That brought in an extra $10,000 and helped us raise more money than we ever have in the past.”

Since The Gauntlet’s inception more than four years ago, Mox Boarding House has raised a grand total of $331,000. For more information about ENGAGE, visit