When Morgan Collins graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in food and resource economics, she imagined herself working in finance. Instead, her dad convinced her to work for Bell South, a phone company now known as AT&T, where he built his career fixing landline phones. Roughly 14 years later, Collins has had a rich and diverse career with AT&T, working as an engineer, in finance, marketing, and now as a sales leader. In May 2018, Collins was promoted to her current role and moved from Louisiana to the Seattle area, working out of AT&T’s Redmond office. She toured us around her new office, which is bespeckled with personal and career mementos.

The AT&T Promise

Crafted more than a decade ago is AT&T’s promise book, which details how AT&T vows to treat its customers. Collins carries it with her and has team members sign it — and she signs theirs — as an act of solidarity when she’s at AT&T stores and events.


Family Fun

This adorable little tyke is Ryker, Collins’ son, who’s now in elementary school. Her husband is especially fond of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the couple took this photo shortly after Ryker was born. 



A Sixth Sense? 

In 2007, Collins visited her aunt and uncle in Seattle, which is where she found this rock, and she has kept it ever since. Oddly enough, she’s saved found objects from around the country that ended up being precursors to places she’s moved for her career.



Go Gators!

Because she is a graduate of the University of Florida, you’d better believe Collins is a football fan. This football is from the 2006 national championship.