Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream will open its first Eastside location in Redmond on Friday at 3 p.m. Every time the company opens a new shop they hand out free scoops to kids (12 and under) for the first two hours. And the Redmond location will be no exception.


CEO of Molly Moon’s, Molly Moon Neitzel. Photo by Lauren Foster.

This week seems like the perfect time to open an ice cream shop. Skies and clear and temperatures are rising above 70 degrees – a high for April in the Northwest. And while the weather’s been nice, it’s been a little too nice in some ways.

“[Weather] is everything,” said CEO Molly Moon Neitzel about its effects on ice cream sales. And this mini heatwave is certainly driving business.

“It’s crushing us,” Neitzel added candidly, explaining that she’s been working on getting more bodies to her ice cream stores as demand is at an unexpected high. In fact, she’s looking for more people to hire. Summer workers at Molly Moon’s do get 100 percent paid health and dental coverage, and higher than minimum wage starting pay.

Opening a store on top of the weather changes has been a bit of a whirlwind for Neitzel. Never the less, she’s excited about one main thing; ice cream.

“I’m optimistic that tomorrow really will be a fantastic reception,” said Neitzel the night before. The Redmond shop is her favorite store design that she’s done thus far. With previous locations she’s tried to solidify branding with a color pallet of black, blue, and teal. But as Molly Moon’s has grown, Neitzel feels more comfortable branching out.

IMG_0915 (1)

Staff at the new Redmond shop Photo by Lauren Foster.

“I can play [now], so I played with color,” she said.

The shop incorporates pinks and yellows into the interior design. Molly Moon’s sweatshirts hang on a rack in the middle of the shop and little stools and tables sit under a glowing “ice cream makes you happy,” sign. But the shop’s sweetest touch is in the kitchen.

Behind the barrels of ice cream and their scoopers are staff members making ice cream. Neitzel wanted visitors to see the ice cream making process in action. The store carries all the classic Molly Moon’s flavors like early grey to salted caramel. Seasonal flavors inlude: vegan coconut chunk, melted chocolate sorbet, Thai tea, and salted licorice.

Eastsiders have long awaited a Molly Moon’s in the 425. And so has Neitzel. She’s been looking to open a store here for quite some time but wanted to make sure it was the right fit. Sharing the historic Redmond State Bank building with Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop in Redmond seemed perfect.

Molly Moon’s employee David Luna, who grew up and Redmond, is happy to see the Seattle-based ice cream shop in his hometown.

“It really is the cherry on top of the Redmond reinvigoration,” he said.