In advance of International Women’s Day (March 8), Microsoft is reaching out to girls and encouraging them to make the next big thing, inspired by the female inventors before them, through the social media hashtag, #MakeWhatsNext.

“On March 8, International Women’s Day, it’s not only right to remember these and other female heroes, it’s just as important to encourage young women to know they can and should be among the next generation of inventors,” Suzanne Choney wrote on the Microsoft blog.

In a video released on Monday via Microsoft’s social platforms and on its website, young girls list off famous inventors like Edison, Einstein, and Tesla. When asked if they can list any female inventors, the girls are stumped.

The video then lists Martha Coston, inventor of signal flares; Mary Anderson, inventor of windshield wipers; Sarah Mather, inventor of the underwater telescope; and many more.

#MakeWhatsNext is part of Microsoft Philanthropies YouthSpark initiative, which encourages youth to get involved with computer science. For young women, YouthSpark has a program named DigiGirlz for middle and high school students. DigiGirlz connects students with Microsoft employees to learn about careers in tech, and to participate in hands-on workshops. Learn more about DigiGirlz and see more videos from Microsoft’s celebration of International Women’s Day online.