It is 2 p.m. on a Thursday. Most of the work day is behind you and the end of the day is looming just a tad out of reach. You stare at the blinking cursor on your screen as you struggle to keep your eyes open or form a complete thought.

Tom O'Conner, owner of Market Fresh Fruit journeys to Pike Place Market weekly to pick fruit to deliver to local businesses. Photo courtesy of Market Fresh Fruit Facebook.

Tom O’Connor, owner of Market Fresh Fruit journeys to Pike Place Market weekly to pick fruit to deliver to local businesses. Photo courtesy Market Fresh Fruit via Facebook.

We’ve all been there, it is the afternoon slump and it comes from eating not-so-great stuff at the office all day. You know, that leftover birthday cake, the Diet Coke from the vending machine, the morning donuts, that stash of candy in your drawer from Halloween.

“Only an 8-year-old would want to eat the kind of candy that’s in the most kinds of offices; people regret it as soon as it hits their lips. Why not a mid-morning snack of a beautiful peach instead?” said Tom O’Connor, owner of Seattle-based Market Fresh Fruit.

We all know we need to eat close to two cups of fruit every day, yet 35 percent of adult Washingtonians report they eat less than one piece of fruit per day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Without fulfilling this requirement, our bodies lack the dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid which gets us through the workday without feeling like the walking dead.

To combat this conundrum, O’Connor delivers an abundance of fresh fruit to local businesses on either side of Lake Washington.

“I used to work at the Pike Place Market and I’d see some executives coming down from the high rises to buy fruit and I’d think, ‘This could be a business’,” he said.

These days, O’Connor still spends a great deal of his time at Pike Place Market, only now he’s gathering fruit at the peak of freshness, and taste-testing every last peach, plum, and pluot.

O’Connor takes a cornucopia of six different fruits to companies looking to improve productivity, morale, engagement, and let’s face it, health. There are apples and bananas in each week’s delivery, but that is where the similarity ends. O’Connor is committed to offering customers a wide array of tastes and textures.

The addition of fresh fruit in the workplace has lasting effects on an employee’s health and sometimes even permeates into their home life according to O’Connor.

“The behavior change starts at work and extends to the family,” he said. “The idea is that they tried it at work and didn’t have to pay for it, then they see it in the grocery store and they know how great it is so they bring it home to their families.”

Packages start at $49 for a 42-serving bundle of snack-sized fresh fruit which is packed and delivered to any office, from Everett to Renton. Work at a large company? No problem, O’Connor said he delivers as much as $800 worth of fruit to his larger clients, depending on staffing size and budget.

For more information, check out Market Fresh Fruit’s website and schedule a free, in-office tasting session.