Seaplane Commercial Building

Seaplane Commercial Building. Photo courtesy MainStreet Property Group.

MainStreet Property Group’s Seaplane Commercial Building in downtown Kenmore has been named Gold Nugget Awards Grand Winner for “Best Commercial Project Under 20,000 Sq. Ft.” by homebuilding trade show PCBC (Pacific Coast Builders Conference), the Kirkland-based developer recently announced.

In addition, MainStreet’s The Junction mixed-use project in downtown Bothell was named Award of Merit Honoree for “Best Multi-Family Housing Community – 60 to 100 Du/Acre” at this year’s 56th Annual Gold Nugget Gala.

The Junction. Photo courtesy MainStreet Property Group.

MainStreet was honored by PCBC for its work developing the Seaplane Commercial Building, which was designed by Dahlin Group Architecture Planning/Strata Architects and is home to the Seaplane Kitchen & Bar.

“Seaplane Commercial Building is a jewel of a building and a key piece of a well-planned and executed downtown district. The city of Kenmore has a bright future with a thriving and walkable urban core built from dense residential development, which supports desirable community amenities like the restaurant,” said Sean Whitacre, Senior Associate-Senior Architect at the Dahlin Group and designer for the Seaplane project.