wealthadvisorheadshotIt always feels good to be recognized for a job well done, and that’s something UBS Private Wealth Management’s Terry Cook is no stranger to. The Bellevue-based wealth advisor has been recognized year after year as an industry leader, racking up accolades from The Financial Times, Barron’s, and most recently, Forbes.

Earlier this summer, Forbes named Cook as one of the top 100 wealth advisors in the country. “It’s always an honor when the team is recognized, especially by a publication with the stature and appeal of Forbes,” he said. “The Forbes list is unique in that it incorporates a larger focus on qualitative as well as quantitative data and takes into account best practices and information learned from in-person interviews. It’s quite thorough.”

Being thorough is something Cook and the entire Cascade Group — UBS Private Wealth Management’s Bellevue-based branch — excels at.

“A very important aspect is to focus on what our clients are hoping to accomplish and make sure their financial model reflects their personal values,” Cook said. “We work primarily with families who have gone through life-changing liquidity events.”

Cook said his clients are most concerned about preserving their wealth; mitigating taxes; taking care of their heirs; protecting their wealth from potential creditors, litigants, ex-spouses, and children’s spouses; and being most impactful with their charitable giving.

“It is our job to structure a model that addresses their unique concerns, as opposed to hoping they adapt to a uniform offering,” he said.

So what are the hallmarks of a great wealth advisor? Cook said it can be a daunting process for people to find a high-caliber wealth manager to help them navigate through life’s financial challenges. Here are the traits he recommends looking for in a wealth-management professional:

• Proven integrity

• Operational transparency

• Extensive technical expertise

• Access to niche experts

• Sensitivity to and experience with business owners (or with other in your particular situation).

With years of experience and a personal approach to managing his clients’ finances, it’s no surprise that Cook has been named an industry leader.