The Eastside is a tech-savvy community that takes pride in providing products and services that make people’s lives easier. We found a new app that better connects you to your colleagues, a travel app that makes getting out of town easier, and lots of things in between. These apps, all of which are free, are worth downloading.

MicrosoftTeamsAll-In-One Workspace

Office 365 subscribers now can communicate with their coworkers from the convenience of their phones. The Microsoft Teams app, released in November, provides users with a chat-centered workspace that houses files and conversations in one place. Share team files, start a private or group chat, schedule a meeting, and more.

PhotoScanPreserving the Past

Nowadays, snapping a photo is as simple as opening the camera app on your phone. But what do you do with those treasured family portraits collecting dust in the attic? PhotoScan, a new app from Google, makes it easy to scan printed photographs using the camera on your smartphone. The app creates enhanced, digital scans of your favorite keepsakes that are glare-free. The app auto-crops images and uses smart rotation to ensure your photos stay right-side-up.


A Better Commute

Kirkland-based INRIX knows how frustrating traffic can be, which is why the company created a traffic app designed to help users more easily get where they’re trying to go. The app provides commuters with everything they need to know about their commute, including real-time ETAs, traffic conditions, nearby accidents, turn-by-turn navigation, and alternative routes. It also provides an overview of your most-traveled routes to offer optimal departure times so you spend less time sitting in traffic.


Find What You’re Looking For

Whether navigating the shelves of a big-box store in search of a specific product or trying to find a terminal in a busy airport, the Point Inside app, developed in Bellevue, can literally point you in the direction you need to go. The app provides users with indoor maps for more than 1,200 malls, 150 airports, and other stores across the United States and the globe. Use the app to find what you need, and enjoy other helpful features like shopping tips, store search, and more.


Travel Made Easy

Bellevue-based Expedia is known worldwide for making online travel planning simple and affordable, but in addition to its website, travelers also can access its intuitive app. It is updated often with new bells and whistles, allowing users to book everything from hotels and flights to car rentals and activities. There are even mobile-exclusive deals that app users can cash in on regularly.


Mario for the Modern Age

Mario made it to the small screen in November when Nintendo, whose U.S. headquarters is in Redmond, released Super Mario Run for iOS. The handheld game offers three different modes to explore. Collect coins and play as your favorite classic characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and others. An Android release is expected early this year.


Other Apps We Like

These apps may not have been developed locally, but they still deserve a spot on your phone.


Photo Op

The Prisma app, named iPhone’s best app of 2016, takes your photos and makes them better with a variety of stunning filters and effects. Next, wow your friends by easily sharing your photos to Instagram or Facebook.


Get yourself Organized

Want to get more done? Wunderlist makes it easy. A to-do list and task manager in one, the app allows you to prioritize your to-dos and provides reminders when something is due. Sync the app between your phone, tablet, and computer for seamless integration.


Keep It Private

The encrypted chat app Signal is popular among businesspeople, politicians, and others who want to keep their correspondence private. Signal’s server doesn’t store data and doesn’t access other information on your device.

This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of “425 Business.”