Before Breakfast
This daily podcast hosted by author and productivity queen Laura Vanderkam offers three- to five-minute bite-sized efficiency lessons to be listened to prebreakfast — but hopefully post coffee — so you can have a little nugget of wisdom for the day ahead.

Were You Raised by Wolves?
A podcast on manners, Were You Raised by Wolves? touts that it can help listeners avoid being “that guy” by tackling awkward social situations like double-dipping, ghosting colleagues, and splitting the bill.

A podcast by women, for women, WorkParty is all about the business of being a modern working female, and tackles issues from wardrobe choices and wrinkle creams to negotiation and honing the perfect sales pitch.

How I Built This with Guy Raz
Produced by NPR, How I Built This already has a massive following, but budding entrepreneurs who have been putting off listening to this one should move it to the top of their queue to hear host Guy Raz interview CEOs and founders of the most innovative, best-known companies.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
Those looking to step up their word game and improve their vocabulary will enjoy these bite-sized, 2-minute daily episodes, during which a Merriam-Webster editor will outline a new word, its meaning, current use, and its origin.