If all goes as planned, Bellevue’s Lincoln Square will set a state record for the longest continuous pour of concrete. Beginning Saturday at 3 a.m., 13,690 yards of concrete will form the structural base of Lincoln Square’s forthcoming North Tower, a 450-foot luxury hotel.

The pour is expected to last 24 hours. Concrete will be brought to the site by 81 concrete trucks from five local plants.  The mat will be 10 feet thick at its deepest point, and reinforced with 1,470 tons of steel. The mat will support the 76,000-ton completed building.

Cary Kopczynski & Company is the structural engineering firm working on Lincoln Square Expansion, along with Sclater Architects, Dallas-based architecture firm HKS, and GLY Construction.

“The mat is designed to carry the weight of a 47-level structure and resist wind and seismic forces from the tower above. The design also provides a number of opportunities to implement creative and constructible solutions,” CKC principal Mark Whiteley said in a statement.

This will be the second concrete pour for the site. The first was completed on Jan. 31 with more than 13,400 yards of concrete poured over 16 hours to support the South Tower, a 450-foot office building.

“A tremendous amount of complex planning and coordination is required to execute a pour of this size,” said GLY’s Executive Vice President Ted Herb in a statement. “The north tower pour took hundreds of hours of teamwork between our employees, project partners, the City of Bellevue, and our subcontractors and suppliers to map out each and every detail.”


Graphic courtesy The Keller Group.

Graphic courtesy The Keller Group.