LifeNet Health is giving its space an overhaul to bring new life-saving technology to the Eastside. The Renton-based Northwest chapter of LifeNet is part of a global nonprofit organization which works with local hospitals, funeral homes, and law enforcement to recover human tissue from donors in order to provide more than 40,000 patients with grafts this year.

Levi Anderson, managing director for LIfeNet Health in Renton. Photo courtesy of LifeNet Health.

Levi Anderson, managing director for LIfeNet Health in Renton. Photos courtesy LifeNet Health.

“We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission which is saving lives, restoring health, and giving hope,” said Levi Anderson, general manager for LifeNet. “We work with our community to facilitate tissue donation; we are then the custodians of those gifts, we then prepare those gifts so that we can provide them back to the community for patients in need of an implant.”

With a $3 million price tag, the facility improvements—scheduled to be completed in early fall—will make room for a new processing suite which will bring LifeNet’s patented ViviGen technology to the Eastside and beyond.

ViviGen is a bone growth implant using live human cells to speed the fusion of two bone segments. This technology has applications in spinal injuries to create a vertebral fusion, or it can be used to heal bone breaks from trauma.

LifeNet Health Lab

Tissue is prepared for implantation in sterile environment at LifeNet Health.

“The technology is a tremendous advancement over other grafts that are available for that same type of procedure,” Anderson said. “It has been received very well because of the advanced bone growth capability.”

This round of facility upgrades is the latest phase in a series of improvements that began in 2012.

“This is really just one step in our growth trajectory as an organization within the 425 area code,” Anderson said. “What we have seen over the last four years is a tremendous growth and we are fully expecting that potential to continue.”