Nintex CFO Eric Johnson. Photo courtesy Nintex.

Nintex CFO Eric Johnson. Photo courtesy Nintex.

Bellevue-based Nintex is one of the few Eastside-based tech companies that hasn’t taken on venture capital in order to achieve growth. Leading the finances of the company, which is nearing $100 million in revenue for Fiscal Year 2016, is CFO Eric Johnson. As CFO of a high-growth tech company, Johnson is working to increase growth and value, while maintaining Nintex’s reputation as a good place to work. Johnson shared some lessons learned during his career, including the importance of building great relationships.

Relationships: Every job I have had was a coworker or former coworker who wanted me to come join their team. Your coworkers will go work other places and if you’re the person they can count on and enjoy working with then they’re going to want you to come along, which makes your life a lot easier.

Good workplace: Having a great place to work is an effort that takes a lot of time, and it won’t work just because you say it’s a great place to work. If you say you want to be a great place and that you respect the individual, but then you let people act in a way that is contrary, then it’s not a great place to work. The places I’ve seen that got into harder times, it was because of a lack of long-term vision in addition to issues with workplace culture and people.

Advice: Someone who had retired as an executive and returned to work told me that I needed to listen better, and his insight made a big difference in my career. Also, I highly recommend everyone read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It’s probably the best business book I’ve ever read, or the best book for personal growth. Every person, no matter what you do for work, should read that book. It will make you a better person.

A good habit: I tend to be quite organized. Early on, I learned the Franklin Covey time-management program, and the principles stuck with me, so when I make commitments I follow through with them. It’s that constant delivery that has allowed for positive things to happen in my career. I’m very organized and that allows me to manage a lot of stuff at a high pace.

This story was edited to add clarity to Nintex’s annual revenue.