LessonsfromCEORajeevDuttIf artificial intelligence is the next big thing, as many have suggested, Bellevue-based startup DimensionalMechanics is well-positioned to capitalize. That’s because the company’s focus is unique. Rather than investing its resources into creating the next hot AI product, DimensionalMechanics is helping small companies and startups that aren’t AI- or machine learning-focused integrate AI solutions into their businesses. The company does this through NeoPulse, a platform DimensionalMechanics founder and CEO Rajeev Dutt said “takes away the complexity involved with building and creating different AI models, enabling users to more easily create AI applications and implement them across any enterprise system.”

Dutt’s interest has long been in AI and the function of the brain. “The marriage between technology and the mind has always fascinated me,” Dutt said. “It is this fascination to understanding how the brain functions that I have taken into my work, and throughout my career spanning 17 years in several large companies, AI became a major theme. For example, in (Hewlett-Packard), I developed a learning system that could figure out the configuration of a datacenter and make predictions about downtime or root cause problems.”

AbouttheCEODutt, who also has held leadership positions at companies including Microsoft and Intel, said while bigger tech companies like Google are focusing their attention on big projects such as robotics, drones, and self-driving cars, startups have a unique opportunity to influence other industries where AI can be useful — and DimensionalMechanics can help.

“One media company (we’re working with) is looking at improving click rates on headlines,” said Dutt. “So, what our AI does, is it looks for more compelling headlines that people are going to be more likely to click on.” Another company DimensionalMechanics is working with is using NeoPulse to better monitor its data centers.

Dutt’s vision for the future is a world where AI is seamlessly integrated into everyday life. “I started DimensionalMechanics because I believe that AI should be universal and ubiquitous, and my cofounders and I saw a need for a tool that could offer those types of capabilities and functionality for businesses,” Dutt said. “We believe AI should become an integral part of computing in general, in much the same way that interactions between databases and machines are today. DimensionalMechanics is about enabling ubiquity to the point where non-AI specialists can incorporate learning algorithms in their software without thinking twice — saving them valuable time and resources in the process.”

From his years working at big companies to starting his own business, Dutt has learned some valuable lessons. Here are three he shared with 425 Business:

Learn to pivot quickly: “In this world of startups, be able to pivot quickly and listen closely to what the market is telling you. Assume that you will get it wrong a few times before getting it right.”

Empower your team: “Create a work environment where people are empowered, and don’t be afraid to give your team the power to question and to veto.”

Break big problems into small pieces: Don’t get locked into the idea that it takes an army of Ph.Ds to solve something. Every problem can be broken down into smaller steps, and, if you can, take enough small steps and soon you’ve solved the problem.