Bellevue-based LearnBIG is changing the way the companies train their employees

LearnBIG has taken the traditional training video model and updated it for the 21st century through an interactive training experience that incorporates storytelling, thoughtful design, responsive technology, and the opportunity to put what you’ve learned to the test.


LearnBIG is disrupting the corporate training industry with modern day training modules. Photo courtesy LearnBIG 2016.

Since launching in 2013, LearnBIG has focused most of its attention toward creating custom training modules for large-scale clients, but decided to do something different for October, also known as Cybersecurity Month.

In the three years that the company has created custom modules, LearnBIG co-founder and CEO Leslie Redd said she’s noticed a trend. “What we were hearing was that there were certain topics that were coming up again and again,” she said. One of those topics was cybersecurity. “The reason why I think we have influence in this arena is because something like 90 percent of data breaches are caused by human error,” Redd explained. “And it’s not malicious — it’s because (employees) don’t know and they need to be equipped. If we can help equip them, it’s a win for everyone.”

LearnBIG launched its Cybersecurity Awareness suite at the start of October to coincide with Cybersecurity Month. Currently, four cybersecurity modules are available, and Redd said they’ll continue to add more.

leslieredd_headshotIn addition to the cybersecurity suite, LearnBIG also released a series of leadership modules. “

“Most people leave their jobs because they don’t like their managers,” Redd explained. “We kept hearing that a lot of companies wanted to support managers, so we created a Leadership Development suite.”

Both the cybersecurity and leadership suites can be accessed via LearnBIG’s online library. And while LearnBIG primarily works with large companies, Redd said these new modules are a good fit for any size company.

For Redd, the biggest thing isn’t changing what employees learn, it’s changing how they learn it. “What makes us special is our relationship with our clients and how we can embody and deliver what they’re trying to get across.”