As you get ready to travel, take five minutes and learn CPR at the Sea-Tac Airport. The American Heart Association and MultiCare Pulse Heart Institute recently unveiled a kiosk that teaches the hands-only technique of CPR in about 5 minutes.

You can find it in the central terminal. It includes a short intro video and tutorial, followed by an interactive practice session on a rubber torso. The kiosk will give feedback in English or Spanish about hand placement, speed, and more to help you learn how to give effective CPR.  About 75 percent – or 350,000 — of cardiac arrests not in hospitals happen in homes, according to Dr. Needham Ward with the MultiCare Pulse Heart Institute.

The airport is the perfect training ground because there are a lot of people coming through it and many have five minutes to spare. Hands-only CPR training includes two simple steps — first, call 911, then begin hard, quick compressions on the chest until help arrives. There are 34 kiosks like this across the nation, and 19 are in airports. To date, more than 115,000 people have been trained in CPR at kiosks in the past year, and 10,000 a year are expected to learn the life-saving skill at Sea-Tac.