When you think of leadership development in the business world, what comes to mind? A best-selling book by Dale Carnegie, James C. Collins, or Stephen R. Covey? How about a live seminar hosted by Tony Robbins?

Finding the right leadership-development program for individuals and employers alike can be difficult — largely because each person or company has its unique and singular interests, skills, and cultures. What works for a large company with thousands of employees might not work for a small, family-run business. What works for a career professional with decades of experience might not work for a millennial right out of business school.

To assist with this, we compiled a resource guide that highlights seven Eastside leadership-development organizations and individuals that aim to help employees and employers hone their leadership-development skills and foster more leaders in the business community.

Bellevue College 


Led by executive coach, healthcare communications professional, and adjunct professor Matthew Zell, Bellevue College’s Continuing Education Corporate Solutions program offers expertise in both technical and soft skills in a range of areas, such as change management, organizational development, cultural competencies, and leadership skills and development. Programs are customizable, catered to large companies and small nonprofits, and can be taught on the Eastgate campus or elsewhere on the Eastside. 

Eastside Leadership Conference 


For nearly 20 years, this annual event has focused less on individual leadership development, and more on tracking disruptive industry trends — 5G, autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IOT), among many others over the years — to help business leaders adapt, prepare, and add value to their companies by establishing connections, learning new information, and tapping into new opportunities. 

Glen Stewart 


With more than 20 years of experience, Glen Stewart helps business leaders uncover their purpose and make impacts both inside the corporate world and outside in the community at large. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Stewart brings his knowledge working with Apple, Expedia, Marriott, Microsoft, REI, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Starbucks to help employees and managers alike develop their strategic decision-making skills through finding one’s passion and creating meaningful impacts, fostering powerful and enduring legacies, and identifying positive steps to overcome career ruts and achieve professional goals.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology 


A partnership between Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, Cascadia College in Bothell, and Everett Community College, the courses and certificates offered through the Corporate & Continuing Education Center help Eastside employees improve their business intelligence, leadership, networking, and project management skills.

Leadership Eastside 


Employees of Boeing, Costco, Expedia, HomeStreet Bank, Microsoft, Puget Sound Energy, T-Mobile, Windermere Real Estate, and other companies have turned to Leadership Eastside for skills that enrich individuals and East King County communities. The nonprofit organization, established in 2014, offers three key programs: Leadership Eastside Academy, a two-year adaptive community leadership program; Eastside Civic Incubator, which offers leadership engagement for community development; and the Leadership Eastside Network, which connects alumni and Eastside leaders to strengthen the local community.

University of Washington Bothell 


Senior leaders, mid-to-upper-level managers, and professionals aspiring toward leadership roles turn to the University of Washington Bothell’s Executive Office for the expertise, knowledge, and skills necessary to become innovative business leaders. Topics include operations and project management, people leadership, problem-solving and decision-making, conflict resolution, and leadership presentations skills. Courses can be taught at a company’s headquarters, on the UW Bothell campus, or at the Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue. In the end, some of the benefits reaped by participating businesses include increased employee retention, a workforce with improved business and leadership competencies, and boosts in organizational commitment and culture. 

Willows Lodge


You might be familiar with company retreats held at conference centers and other offsite locations. But how about team-building on horseback? Willows Lodge offers one- or two-day programs that teach participants to find common ground while valuing differences, communicate more clearly and effectively, resolve conflicts, and unleash team potential to improve the bottom line. According to the coaches and trainers, engaging with horses in a natural setting offers opportunities for personal insight, communication skill-building, and creative thinking in order to achieve better teamwork and leadership back at the office.