Great gifts for work aren’t always easy to find. Because, well, not everyone wants to think about their job when they’re out celebrating the holidays.  But, there’s a way to make it fun. Instead of ink cartridges and printing paper, get something enjoyable. Here are some last minute gift ideas, all under $100, that might add a little joy or ease to a long day at the office.


Guess your Future

Consider it the magic eight ball for the business world. The Executive Decision Maker Paperweight is the prefect stocking stuffer for a business-minded friend or family member. Spin away the fate of your day on this metal desk embellishment.




Mug Madness

A healthy dose of caffeine is necessary for most business folks. Which means, everybody needs an office mug. Bread and Badger is a Portland company that makes their own mugs. Some are fit for meetings like this Handyman DIA Maker Mug ($25). But the astronauts in love, hedgehog, and sasquatch mugs are pretty cool, too.mug-handyman-navy-blue-diy_1024x1024mug-sasquatch-orange-1_1024x1024


Desk Delights

If you’re a woman in business and you’re unfamiliar with the Kate Spade desk and stationary collection, you’re in for a cutesy treat. Colorful notebooks, pens and cardholders are all up for grabs. They even have bow push pins and magnets. Because why not hang up your ideas with something pretty?



Business Games

Monopoly pretty much trumps the business board game market. But there’s a ton of phone games that can stimulate business enthusiasts. In My Business Empire, you start out as a kid with $20 and a lemonade stand, and work your way up to millions.

Business Card Scanner App 

Despite the tech savvy ways we communicate these days, business cards often are exchanged at first meetings and end up at the bottom of laptop bags and purses. With the SamCard app ($5.99) you can snap a photo of the business card with your iPhone and it will save all the information (Name, Job Title, Company) to your iPhone contacts.


Headphones for Rock and Calls

When the New York Times decided to write about the best headphone for audio as well as taking phone calls, they were hot to trot about Klipsch R6i In-Ear headphones ($100). They’re small and discrete but produce a whole lotta sound.