Kirkland Shelter broke ground on a new permanent shelter for women and families experiencing homelessness in King County on April 10. In partnership with The Sophia Way, New Bethlehem Project, City of Kirkland, Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, and Salt House Church, the shelter will be able to provide the services needed to help transition women and children out of homelessness.

The Count On Us report issued in 2018, noted that over 12,000 King County residents are experiencing some form of homelessness. On the Eastside, over 800 school children are going without permanent residences.

“The shelter, a huge collaborative effort, will provide the foundation of a strong community, a place to land when times are hard, a lighthouse in the storm of difficult circumstances,” said The Sophia Way board member Karina O’Malley. “The Sophia Way will be able to bring all our emergency services together in one place, and serve women in crisis with dignity and respect. Women will be able to get their basic needs met and connect with wraparound services, without wasting resources traveling back and forth to various locations.”

The Kirkland Shelter partners, with the help of individual donors, have raised more than $7,500,000 to build the new shelter, which will feature single cubicles in group spaces for single women and private areas for families. The house will be 19,000 square feet with space for 100 beds, access to showers, laundry facilities, and nutritious food.

“This shelter is the culmination of a vision and dream that began 4 years ago to serve our neighbors in great need,” said Linda DeBoldt, the NBP steering committee chair. “The power of partnerships within our community and with our government agencies has made it a reality that will make a real difference in the lives of women and families.”

The shelter has made a commitment to offer medical and behavioral health services on site in addition to volunteer-provided companionship and restorative resources for guests.

The goal is to provide women and families with a permanent space where they can address their homelessness in a setting that feels safe and supportive.





Featured photo courtesy of Kirkland Shelter