Kirkland-based INRIX Inc. announced Tuesday that five new state departments of transportation (DOT) have subscribed to its real-time traffic services.

There are now 17 U.S. DOTs using INRIX services for various transportation system management, operations and performance measurement applications, according to the company.

DOTs in Tennessee, Oregon, and Louisiana join states using INRIX as their real-time eyes and ears on their statewide road network, and DOTs in Texas and Rhode Island have expanded to statewide INRIX services, the company said in a news release.

In addition to core real-time services, INRIX offers additional applications, many of which will be used by the new states’ DOTs. Tennessee will utilize INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns to focus on secondary crash reductions; Rhode Island and Texas will use INRIX Trip Analytics powered by the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT Lab) at the University of Maryland; and Louisiana will integrate INRIX Corridor Travel Times to power dynamic travel time signs.

“More than a decade ago, INRIX was the first company in the United States to offer public agencies real-time speed, travel time, and congestion data solely based on crowd-sourced data,” Rick Schuman, vice president-public sector Americas, said in the release. “State agencies increasingly understand the cost-effectiveness of using crowdsourced data to monitor and manage their vast road network to improve safety and increase network reliability.”

The connected car services and mobility analytics company offers software solutions to businesses and cities to identify and solve complex transportation challenges. With real-time, historical, and predictive information on millions of miles of roads in 147 countries, INRIX provides roadway intelligence for hundreds of departments of transportation and road authorities worldwide.